My name is Javed Khalil. I am a web developer and web engineer from Pakistan. In the web world I am:

  • Web developer / web designer at
  • Founder and CEO of and guest poster on several other websites
  • Founder and CEO of
  • Founder and CEO of
  • Founder and CEO of
  • Developer of 'Personal Record Management Book' and 'PHP Photo Album'
  • Editor and contributor at StackOverFlow
  • SEO consultant

In the past I was a web designer, web developer at several software houses. I design websites and then make them work. In website creation process I try to meet web standards, W3C validations, valid CSS styles, valid code, valid markup language, search engine friendly code, website loading time tests, cross browsers compatibility tests, color balance, user friendly interfaces and customized end user experience.

My expertise and interest lies in PHP development, working with several content management systems, e.g. WordPress, Joomla, SimpleCMS and many other small to large platforms. I develop web applications with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, MooTools, PHP and mySQL.

I have developed custom CMSs in PHP and worked with many open source CMSs available. I am ready to work with any PHP related platform. I have develop WordPress themes. I have been blogging for several years. I also have several years of experience with the computer and internet technology.


If you want your dynamic website or shopping cart be developed in Joomla or WordPress, we have an option for you to select a premium theme/template of your choice from Theme Forest, Themify or Elegant Themes, we will purchase it for you and create your website with that. It will ensure quality work output and your project will be ready in comparatively less time.